What we do?


Customer service and sales skills, managerial, personal, strategic planning, communication

Coaching and mentoring

Team coaching, sales coaching, business coaching, mentoring, autocoaching

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Team coaching

Sales coaching

Business coaching



HR Consulting

Assessment and development centers, employee evaluation systems, reward management and valuation of positions

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Assessment and Development Center

Competence catalogues

Employee evaluation systems

Mission, vision and values of the organization

Salary management and valuation of positions

Descriptions of position and reason for the existence of position

Employee satisfaction survey

The survey styles: typological, leadership

Business Consulting

Optimization of management structure, business process mapping, project management, CSR

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Optimization of management structure

Business process mapping

Project management


“To find a mountain pat hall by oneself gives a greater feeling of strength than to take a path that is shown.” – Karen Horney

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